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1003726_617444088288582_1457205488_nWin Some, Lose Some. Live to Fight Another Day.

They trained hard. They’ve climbed high.  They withstood the toughest conditions.  But ultimately the Mountain controls their fate.  Tyrhee and Jackson 4 went to 17K this morning to retrieve their cache, and are expected to descent Mt. Denali this afternoon.  They will not summit this time around.  There is a severe blizzard on the forecast Tuesday and Wednesday, which might make it impossible for the team to come down for another week.  Keep in mind the only access to food and shelter they have is what they carried on their backs up the mountain.  Several teams on the Mountain have already turned around.  The weather was just too volatile and dangerous.

The entire team feels great, which makes this decision all the more difficult to accept. They spent months training and thousands of dollars to make this trek possible.  To come so close a second time brings its own set of disappointments.  And yet, their journey has inspired us all.  Tyrhee’s take was simple yet profound: “You win some, you lose some. But you live to fight another day…”  Oh, and rest assured there will be another day!

In the coming weeks, Tyrhee will take time to reflect on the journey and share additional insight on his incredible mountaineering journey. In the meantime, let Tyrhee and the Jackson 4 how proud we are of their courage and send them lots of love!

Continue to share the story and look out for updates about what’s next in the near future.

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fullsizerenderTyrhee Moore: Be Patient. Be Still. Be Ready.

Tyrhee and the Jackson 4 just called again to check in. Yesterday, they were able to take half of their gear to 16,200 feet.  They went back down to 14K and have spent almost four (4) days waiting for weather to improve.  They woke up this morning, broke down their tents, put on their gear with hopes of ascending to 17K. Not Happening.  The visibility on the mountain is extremely poor right now, and climbing at that altitude with poor visibility is unwise.  So they wait.  The forecast looks like poor weather for the next 3-4 days, which would extend the trip a bit longer than anticipated.  It takes about 8-10 hours to travel from 14K to 17K, so they need a solid window of clear(er) weather in order to set out.  The wind speeds exceed 25 mph, which drives down the temperature and makes conditions unbearable.  The good news is that they have plenty of food left.  And the team’s health is solid.

Tyrhee was in good spirits, although a bit bummed about the weather. The conversation reminded us that on mountains (and indeed in life) there are obstacles placed in our way that we have absolutely no control over.  Sometimes the best course is to Be Patient.  Be Still.  “The Mountain controls our fate,” Tyrhee said. “When the weather clears, we have to go.”  “WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, YOU’VE GOT TO BE READY TO WALK THROUGH THAT DOOR.”

Be Patient. Be Still.  Be Ready.  We are witnessing history with this climb.  And if his actions alone were not enough to inspire us, certainly his words during this difficult time on the glacier has taught us that “We can all be mountain climbers in our regular lives!”

“We Need a Strong, Strong Prayer…” – Tyrhee Moore


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WB.gif 4May 17, 2017 – Tyrhee Called Last Night!

Ever wonder what it’s like to climb the highest mountain in North America? Just imagine when the pilot says, “You may now move about the cabin, we’ve reached 20,000 feet…”  Unbelievable.  Tyrhee called last night to update us on his progress (we were, of course, shocked but happy to hear he’s safe).  Here are details of the conversation:

  1. The night time temperature has averaged -30 degrees. WTH?
  2. The team ran into a massive blizzard at 11,000 feet. Tents were blown down so they spent a day waiting on the weather to improve and building snow shelters to protect their homes.  Wait, wasn’t that the plot of the kids book Three Little Pigs?
  3. The weather has caused several blisters to develop on Tyrhee’ s fingers. He’s lost feeling in the tips on all ten fingers. (And what did you complain about today?)
  4. The team is going to rest at the 14K Camp for a day or so to get acclimated to the altitude (Can you imagine how thin the air must be that high up?)
  5. 17K is the last camp before the team will go for the summit. Thursday (5/18), the team plans to go about half way in order to drop off gear.  They will then head back down to 14K to rest a bit more.  After they get all of their gear to 17K, S*** GETS REAL!

According to Tyrhee, he feels strong but does have some anxiety. He is eating well, but the cold weather makes it hard to sleep comfortably (this may be the understatement of the century). He obviously really wants to summit this time.  And if you’re cheering for Tyrhee and the Jackson 4 – send them your best and share their story!

More updates later. In the interim, do it for the CULTURE, Tyrhee.

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denali 14 k camp 2

 May 16, 2017 – Expedition Denali 2.0 Update

Are you inspired yet? Tyrhee Moore and the Jackson 4 have reached the 14,000 foot camp on Mt. Denali! Remember, they are carrying over 100 lbs. of equipment on their backs up this mountain – their entire lives including food, shelter and equipment. The team travels up the mountain one day to drop off half their gear and then travel back down to rest and pick up additional equipment. Tyrhee would be the youngest Black American to summit Denali!  Let’s continue to share his story and wish them well as they pursue the summit. #BlackMenClimb #TravelNoir #Nomadness #BlackMenTravel #NOLS #UnlikelyHiker #BrownPeopleCamping #Denali

Denali 11k foot camp

Expedition Denali 2.0 – May 15, 2017 Update

May 15, 2017: GREAT News. Tyrhee Moore and the Jackson 4 are a bit over 11,000 feet on Mt. Denali in this historic climb. They are in the “Squirrel Hill” area and based on the itinerary they are about two days behind schedule because of weather. The temperature last night was -18 degrees on the mountain (pray for these guys!) If you want to cheer on Tyrhee and the team, share the trailer in the comments below on your page and let’s continue to support these brave mountaineers!