Bigger Than Denali

Today I am headed far North to Alaska to give Mt. Denali another go. I couldn’t be more excited to revisit a place that has had such a huge impact on the person that I’ve become. As a member of Expedition Denali (the first all-black team to attempt the highest peak in North America), I’ve learned that living three weeks high up on snow-capped mountains isn’t just for personal gratification, it important to share these experiences with others who are climbing their own figurative mountains in their daily lives. To that end, I’m excited to release a snippet of a small project I’m putting together about this great adventure and also how it’s essential that I do it for the CULTURE.

I will be spending the next 3 weeks fighting the elements along side Randy Luskey Mick Wang Mark Berry, “Jackson Hole 4”.  No showers, no beds, no cell phones.  My entire life will be carried on my back – 20,000 feet in the air.  I couldn’t be more excited!

✌🏿 Please join us in our journey by following my blog with frequent updates of our progress on the mountain provided to you by my man James Mills & TheJoyTripProject

Thanks for all the love and support. PLEASE wish me luck this go around.  And remember, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – WE can’t accomplish when we believe.  Let’s do this!