May 17, 2017 – Tyrhee Called Last Night!

Ever wonder what it’s like to climb the highest mountain in North America? Just imagine when the pilot says, “You may now move about the cabin, we’ve reached 20,000 feet…”  Unbelievable.  Tyrhee called last night to update us on his progress (we were, of course, shocked but happy to hear he’s safe).  Here are details of the conversation:

  1. The night time temperature has averaged -30 degrees. WTH?
  2. The team ran into a massive blizzard at 11,000 feet. Tents were blown down so they spent a day waiting on the weather to improve and building snow shelters to protect their homes.  Wait, wasn’t that the plot of the kids book Three Little Pigs?
  3. The weather has caused several blisters to develop on Tyrhee’ s fingers. He’s lost feeling in the tips on all ten fingers. (And what did you complain about today?)
  4. The team is going to rest at the 14K Camp for a day or so to get acclimated to the altitude (Can you imagine how thin the air must be that high up?)
  5. 17K is the last camp before the team will go for the summit. Thursday (5/18), the team plans to go about half way in order to drop off gear.  They will then head back down to 14K to rest a bit more.  After they get all of their gear to 17K, S*** GETS REAL!

According to Tyrhee, he feels strong but does have some anxiety. He is eating well, but the cold weather makes it hard to sleep comfortably (this may be the understatement of the century). He obviously really wants to summit this time.  And if you’re cheering for Tyrhee and the Jackson 4 – send them your best and share their story!

More updates later. In the interim, do it for the CULTURE, Tyrhee.

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